Here at Navajo Farm we pride ourselves in working with our horses to create a solid, well mannered working partner. Taking the time to do what’s required to develop a soft and clear connection.

A good mind starts with a great breeding foundation . Superb manners develop with time spent. Our strong belief is that it is the time spent with these equines that makes it easy for us to sell them with the confidence that they are what we say they are.

You are welcome at any time to come visit and see what we do. We want you to discover a horse that best meets your needs and appreciate the versatility we define in our horses so they can go on to a discipline suitable for them and you. Ground work, most essential part of our program. If our partner understands what we are asking for from the ground up it becomes so much easier when those cues are applied under Saddle.

All horses unless stated otherwise have had but not limited to exposure to the following and accept:

  • Grooming bathing and clipping,
  • Farrier, Blanketing, Loading
  • Standing patiently be it tied, cross tied, ground tied or high lined.
  • Being ponied from another Horse or an ATV
  • Cattle and dogs
  • Machinery or equipment
  • Liberty work