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This page is dedicated to the Pruvit line of health and well being improvment products they supply.

Our Personal Experience


We had been through a stressful experience with a beloved family member who was suffering through headache and severe depression. The medical profession could not offer anymore assistance. After consulting with our pharmacist we slowly removed the greater portion of the chemical side of her medications. We replaced these with a recommended dosage of cannibus oil which we moved around through different times of the day until we got it right. This seemed to clear most of the headache problem but left us with a very lethargic 85 year old who would not involve herself with any enthusiasm. We heard about the Pruvit ketones and realized from other info sources that they where using ketones from other sources to combat alzheimers and dementia. We started her on the ketone supplement and slowly things got better and we now have that person back as close as you can get for an 85 year old loved one. Needless to say, we are more than pleased with the progress she has made.

interested in losing some inches

In a week I have lost an inch in four different places.  ( Talk to me for details) lol
Keto has multiple benefits.  For years I have dealt with chronic hip pain and was headed for a cortisone shot. This product has eliminated the pain completely and given me energy to spare. I feel 100% and would love to  share!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

What is smart ship?

When ordering your product if you go on smart ship it will automatically ship each month with a bonus of 22% off after your first order.

How much caffeine in an individual packet?

80mg that releases through out the day.

What are the Benefits of the product BLUE OCEAN?

More ketones, caffeine, AC-11 which is DNA repair and allows better use of ketones.

What happens if I stop the drinks. Will I gain weight fast again and feel like crap?

Most people love how they feel while in ketoses and are not disciplined enough to do it through diet alone. If you quit the product and don’t do a keto diet your body will return to a glucose system as opposed to a ketosis system.

What if I don't notice a difference right away?

It takes longer than 5 days for most people. The purpose of the sample packs is to choose a flavor you wish to order.

Can the product be used for weight gain?

Being in ketosis preserves and builds muscle. So some may experience weight gain but fat and inch loss.

What are some of the other benefits?

May improve mental clarity, better sleep, strength, energy, focus and fat loss.

How will I know when my body is reaching a state of ketosis?

You may experience appetite suppression, bad breath, weight loss, increased focus and energy.