New Litter Has Arrived!

Our newest litter of Great Dane/Mastiff pups are here!


Here at Navajo Farm we pride ourselves in working with our horses to create a solid, well mannered working partner. Taking the time to do what’s required to develop a soft and clear connection.

A good mind starts with a great breeding foundation . Superb manners develop with time spent.


to Navajo Farm

Thanks for stopping by! Here at Navajo Farm, our love of animals shows. We pride ourselves in working with our horses to create a solid, well mannered working partner and our Great Dane/Mastiff pups temperament and personality shines, with continued traits, passed on down generations.

Some of our

happy owners

“We adopted Delylah last fall and she has been such an amazing addition to our family! She practically trains herself – I hung bells on our backdoor so she could let us know when she wants out and she figured it out, without any help, within days of coming home. She also sits patiently at the door (even when it’s open) for us to check her paws and make sure they are clean. We started kennel training her and all we have to do is say ‘kennel’ and she puts herself in. She is amazing with our kids (aged 9 and 11) and other dogs and the biggest sweetheart! We get compliments everytime we take her out, about how beautiful she is. We kinda want another one! ;)”

“Yes, I am Janet’s brother which leaves me a little partial to this mixed large breed that she has been raising with for twenty years. In this time I have seen many different litters go to loving homes with very happy results and have always loved the temperament and good health these dogs consistently maintain. I have a 1 1/2 year old male named Remi and I have never had a better, easier to train dog! He is so much his own character and loves to play – definitely keeps me laughing! They are very intelligent and adapt to new situations very quickly. They are also very loyal and affectionate – the smaller children can climb all over him and he accepts it all without blinking. Put the time into these dogs and you will have a great very devoted family companion for life!”

“Hi! I thought we would give a pupdate on one of your brood. At almost 8 months old, she is 95 lbs. She is THE MOST social animal on the planet. Her favorite place is the off leash dog park, not because of the dogs. Oh no, she likes being able to run up to all the humans who tell her how pretty and nice she is. She is wonderful with our cats and other people’s cats. I think we’ve only heard her bark 8 times since getting her and the older she gets, the more cuddly she gets. She’s pretty much perfect for us. We could not be happier! Thank you!”

Hello. My name is Erin and I’m writing to you from Newfoundland. Two years ago, my boyfriend and I lost our adopted dog (diesel) to illness very suddenly. To say we were devastated is an understatement. A few months after we lost Diesel, Justin began looking for a new dog for our family. He came across your ad and immediately took to one in particular, “brownie”. Unbeknownst to me, Justin flew to Alberta to get me this dog as a surprise, as he knew how sad I was after diesel passed. When I walked in the door and saw DJ on his puppy bed, I burst into tears because I was so happy. We renamed him “DJ” (yes, for diesel junior lol) and he is the sweetest and most lovable dog we could ever hope for. He has brought so much happiness to our home. Everyone who meets him comments on his appearance (he’s a brown/black brindle) and his sweet disposition. Please know your dog is loved beyond measure and treasured dearly and that when we move to a bigger home with a bigger property, we will most definitely getting another puppy from you.